Kimmy (crazykimmy) wrote in stitchswap,

It's been awhile...

If any of you wondered what was going on with this community, I left my job quite unexpectedly on a layoff. The last few month's have been nothing but stress. This was coming down the pike since January, though i was hoping to prevent it. I don't think I even got pics up from the last swap. D:

There were some beautiful markers last round, I loved yours, m31andy with the hand crochet. They were outstanding. And yours, oakenking, matched the inlay of a box I once gave my mom. Pink is my favorite color, neoqbacca.

I will eventually get some pics uploaded, but for right now, I need to focus on finding work. I wondered if one of you would like to organize the next swap? Otherwise, as soon as I am settled in a new job, I will start another swap. Happy Monday!
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