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Stitchswap 3 Updates

First of all:

Two packages received and all I have to say oh....ooooh, pretty! rita0373, I don't know where you are, but if you can get yours to me a week early we could have them all by Halloween, and that would definitely suite the Halloween inspired markers I received today! If you can't, that's no big deal, but don't say I didn't warn you. ;-)

And here's something else I wanted to let you guys know about: I'm running this community. It's a fun little community and involves gifts in the mail. WooHoo!

From some of our promos: The next installment of Secret Pal on Livejournal is open for applications today! It is "live", and we hope that some of you might like to join us for this one, secretpal_lj3!

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We're going to be swapping from November-Februrary. Because of the holiday season, we've decided to make the swap last 4 months. The basic idea is that you get a secret pal to spoil. You'll send 3 packages in 4 months (because of the various December holidays). You are required to spend a total of $30, not including shipping. Spread out over 4 months, this is really not a bad commitment. Your secret pal won't know who you are, and you won't know who has your as their secret pal! This swap has been very fun in the past, and we are so excited for this time around. So join secretpal_lj3! Also check out the button contest! Here is the post about it...we are encouraging lots of participation and we look forward to the start of the swap on November 1!

Any questions, feel free to comment here or on my personal journal at crazykimmy. Remember, today the information should go up as to how you can actually join. For now, you can add the community to your friends list, by clicking the add friend button on the community profile, or you could just keep checking the community for more information. We don't want anyone to miss the chance to join :) Once we put up the application post, you'll have until October 31 to comment and then we'll add you to the official roster. So you'll have around a week to do so.
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