Kimmy (crazykimmy) wrote in stitchswap,

Stitchswap#3: COMPLETE!

Hey guys,

Here are the photos and a key to who did what... There were lots of beautiful fall like submission this time. And some seriously good wire wranglers, too. :-) But enough chatter, let's look at the

I'm going to start with m31andy's ones...

A shot of her set. Really nice and spooky! Well chosen for the theme. :-)

oakenking's contribution's are really well crafted. It was nice for me to see what was meant by tuck. Not so good at that am I. :-)

rita037's are bright and cheerful! They are a smile in a bead as someone said to me recently...

Mine were autumn and harvest inspired...

I chose the face to represent the day of the dead, and the masks I remember seeing in my childhood. Then autum leaves and harvest apples to fit the season. I like them green apples, and the bead. It will probably show up again in a different color.

My fave bead this exchange...

And quite possibly my favorite beads ever. The little skull is just so well made and so perfect, as was the lolli!

So here's the question: Does anyone want to try Christmas themed markers this close to the holiday? I'd love to have some for my Christmas knitting. Any takers?
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