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Stitch Marker Swap

Because Your Knitting Can Never Have Enough Jewelry

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This is a community for people who enjoy creating stitch markers for knitting, and who would like to make them and swap with other people who also make them. If you don't know how to make stitch markers, but would like to learn, check out these tutorials for inspiration:

Here is how the swaps will work:
Every two months or so, a sign up post and poll will be made in the community by the hostess for that swap. This poll will determine how many, what theme, and the specific set up for that exchange. The sets of stitch markers will be mailed to the hostess for that month based on the posts requirement. She (or he) will divide up the stitch markers and mail them back to the players. Each player will get as many sets of different stitch markers as they contributed. So if you send in 3 sets of the same markers that you have created, you will get back three different sets from three different players. All sets should be handmade, (by you or someone else,) and should be of a quality that you would expect to receive.) If you are a community member and have an idea for a swap, please let the mod know and if you'd like you may host that swap when it is scheduled. (Our next swap is currently ongoing. If you have some ideas for 2007 themes you'd like, please email me.)

Things to keep in mind/aka Rules
Please go into this realizing that there are all different people at all different levels of talent and income in this community. If you are concerned about the quality you may receive or what you will be expected to contribute, please check out the photos from previous swaps to see. We hope you like, but if you don't you can decide that maybe swapping with us is not for you.

There is no minimum to paricipate, and no requirement in terms of materials beyond what is specified in each swap's sign up. That said, we are assuming that if you can afford to buy the needles and the yarn and the knitting stuff, you have a bit of disposable income. If you are tight that month, and don't have supplies, don't sign up. Or be creative. But don't be lame and throw some pony beads on a piece of string. I tend to use glass beads and findings that I already own. My costs have varied from $15-20 dollars per swap over the previous 3 swaps for 3-7 participants.

Please be aware of dates posted in each sign up. They vary with each swap. The time table presented though generally is the same. 4 weeks to make, 1 week to post, and 1 week for the hostess to return them to you. While there can be wiggle room, if I've received everyone's package but yours and haven't heard from you by email or comment, I'm likely to close the swap out and send the packages on two weeks after the final postmarked due date. (This is what I would ask any hostess to do.) My experience says that nothing sucks worse than not receiving the packages after you've sent things off a long, long time ago.

Finally, I am (crazykimmy ) and I am now the prime maintainer of this community at this time. So if you need to contact a mod, please send an email to crazykimmyATlivejournalDOTcom.