Kimmy (crazykimmy) wrote in stitchswap,

Stitchswap #3

Holiday Stitch Swap! FINALLY UP & RUNNING

I apologize with the delay. Work just slammed with me with a long term project that just about doubled my workload completely from left field. Huzzah for a better job; thumbs down for lack of focus!

So far: oakenking, m31andy, rita0373, and I have signed up this time. Consider this last call if you'd like to join in!

THEME: Beacause their were so many requests, Harvest, Halloween, Samhain are the focuses this time. There are no design requirements except that it make you feel the Holiday Spirit, whichever holiday you'd like to focus on! That means, play with color & construction. =D

SETS: Based on the votes, there will be two sets of 5 per person. So each of us shound send 30 markers for the swap.

As always, add in a marker for the hostess. I'd love it to be Candy inspiured. Because that's my favorite part of the Halloween. Candy. CANdy. CANDY! That and the Great Pumpkin!

DATES: The stitch markers need to be postmarked 4 weeks from today on Monday, October 30. That means if you get them, I'd expect that you should get them in the mail the week of Monday, November 6th roughly.

POSTAGE is still not required this go round! I--ahem, my workplace really--am a postal fairy! ;-)

As far as a holiday swap goes, I'm all for it. I know thought, that fall's pace is picking up for me, what with gifts and what not. Let's touch base in November.
Tags: due dates, stitchswap 3, swap info
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