Liz Mortensen (lyzard13) wrote in stitchswap,
Liz Mortensen

Knitting Stitch Marker Swap - Another Community!

Hi all! I have created a new Community stitchmarkerswp for knitters to make stitch markers and swap them with their fellow crafters.

I know we already have one community, but I love stitch markers and I think, just like yarn, you can never have too many stitch markers!!

This swap will happen every two months, and the dates are easy to remember. We have a 'theme' only that it's a color suggestion, and nothing more. Anyone can join and swap stitch markers, cuz they're so pretty and then your knitting gets to have shiny dangly bits!

I'm trolling for members, obviously :) Come on over and check us out. The deadline for signing up for our first swap is October 15th.

Thanks and take care!
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